If you have 25 to 75 pounds that you would like to lose, plan to commit to these items:

a three to ten month commitment

be willing to learn about the foods you need to eat

implement healthy recipes into your diet

become involved in something that you like to do

learn mind-game exercises to help you achieveyour weight goals

implement a bit of exercise into your daily routine


Odds are, you're probably thinking, "Three months!" OR "Ten months!" It probably seems like a really long stretch, and at this point you may be wanting to backtrack and forget all about the miserable dieting phase you had planned to enter.

But wait! Let's take a moment to pause and think this through. Please consider the following:

- If you put off dieting, you're just losing valuable time. Why not bite the bullet and get the weight off once and for all?

- Three months, and even ten months really isn't that long. Think of it like this... If you are reading this article and it is February, then about three months have passed since Thanksgiving. And if you need the ten month-deal, then by the time that Thanksgiving rolls around, you'll be thin!

- You can do this!




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